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Experience & 

Jiwoo Park a 2D & 3D Motion graphic Artist /Creative director at

Free imagination, great in design, is a moderator and has highly-trained Multitasking skills with effective time management and quick executions.

I specialize in creating cool, high-quality motion graphics for large and small businesses, International brands, TV commercials, and online marketing campaigns.

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​안녕하세요. 박지우 입니다.

 2D​ & 3D Animation, 광고,방송 타이틀 영상, 홍보영상,제품영상, 브랜드, 전시영상, 온라인 캠페인 다양한 영상 창작활동을 하고 있습니다.

I've had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with a diverse array of global clients,

spanning from dynamic startups to well-established brands. Each client brings a unique

narrative waiting to be transformed. Whether it's captivating animations, enchanting visual effects, 

for seamless storytelling, I'm deeply committed to delivering excellence.

What I can offer you:


With extensive experience in professional, client-driven environments at creative agencies 

and motion graphic studios in South Korea, Australia, Singapore, and the USA.


  • Preliminary consultation to understand your needs, audience, deadlines, budget, requirements

  • Produce a mood board for your project

  • Develop storyboards from provided scripts

  • Develop and design style frames

  • Suggest Music for your project


Animation & Video

  • Animate sequences to a voice-over clip

  • Expert knowledge of Adobe After Effects and popular plug-ins/scripts

  • VFX proficiency, including rotoscoping, camera tracking, and keying

  • 3D modeling and texturing; animation in C4d, 3DS Max; and Octane and Vray rendering etc.

  • Proficiency with design and prototyping tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

  • Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Render passes and compositing 3D elements



Collaborative qualities

  • A strong, patient, and collaborative spirit and ability to engage and communicate clearly

  • Ability to collaborate effectively with varying working styles and client experience.

  • Extensive industry experience directing creative teams on animation projects and campaigns

  • Ability to implement design sensibilities and knowledge of trends and techniques

스토리텔링, 스토리 보드 작업부터 스타일 프레임, 디자인, 2D & 3D Animation, 3D 모델링, 텍스쳐링, 컴포지팅 렌더링 등 다양한 작업분야 ( 광고, 뮤직비디오, TV 커머셜, 전시영상, 온라인 캠페인 등 ) ​한국(서울), 호주 (Sydney,Melbourne), 싱가포르, 미국( LA,New York ) 에 위치한 모션그래픽 스튜디오, 에이전시들과 창작활동을 해왔습니다.


Korean, English


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